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Archetypal branding


Archetypes are unstructured patterns of human nature that are both timeless and universal. Archetypes emerge out of the collective unconscious, and reside in our subconscious, so people connect to them on a “gut” level. Designing branding that’s in alignment with your brand’s core archetypes means that the design is a lasting expression of your timeless essence, rather than based on trends.

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A step-by-step

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I am an herbalist and Ayurveda consultant by trade. This work keeps me busy in the wild nature and with the public. My work requires balance between the two. Trying to do my own marketing and branding would have disrupted the balance. Luckily, Tiina stepped in like a magician and embraced that part of my world. I am incredibly happy and proud of the new website she has designed, plus my brand book looks fantastic! 



Dear Holistically Spirited Entrepreneur,

I believe there is an immanent essence within each of us, it’s a natural state of pure potential that seeks to express itself – as a flower did when it was a seed.

Attuning to this natural alignment is where our unique brilliance rests.

Brands can be an expression of that light – and the most endearing ones are! They guide us to understand and identify with the world, they serve to inspire and unite us… that’s why we love them. The same way we love people who share themselves with the world in a way that exudes meaning for us.

If you’re reading this, it’s time for you to be that brand. The germination period has ended. Someone out there needs to experience the unique light, the ripple of influence that you have to offer.

I know that in creation possibilities can seem endless … it can be inspiring, frustrating, amazingly frustrating, when we simply want our genuine & highest expression: a win-win situation for ourSelves and our community.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to create the Brand Creation Journey: a step-by-step, intention-based, deliberately playful, and complete way to align with your Natural Essence and let it reveal your branding. Being present as our truth is the bliss of any healing.

Align with Brand Bliss.

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Bright vibes,

Tiina Gaasedelen

Brand Creation Coach


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